Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How to work with a local consultancy agency?

When you work with an individual consultant, it is easy to develop a clear Terms of Reference. However, when you, as an international advisor, work with a local consultancy agency, it is more difficult. There may be various dilemmas:
  • The local consultancy agency may have the desire to conduct a larger part of the capacity building program than they are asked for. This may create a feeling of competition with the capacity building program.
  • The local trainers may have other ways of working, eg. may be more theoretical or more practical.

The advisor has to learn to let go in this situation. One option is to focus on coaching and follow-up and find a new role. When you think the trainers are more theoretical, you can integrate excursions and breaks in the training program, sot that there is enough opportunity to exchange for the participants.

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